Through Whizport’s Contract-to-Hire staffing solution, our recruiters identify right-fit candidates for your open positions. Once a skilled professional is selected, they begin working with you through a temporary assignment.

The process moves forward like a working interview. While on assignment, you can evaluate the performance of the placement, and candidates can determine whether the workplace is ideal for them.

Proviso, the employee, meets your needs; they can transition from Whizport’s payroll to yours after the agreed-upon period is complete. This enables them to become part of your permanent team, allowing both you and the candidate to move forward with confidence.

Your satisfaction is our priority! If you are not completely satisfied, Whizport will refill the position with a highly qualified candidate in a suitable time-frame. This ensures there is no risk for you throughout the process, allowing you to find the right-fit employee that helps you thrive in your business domain.