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Employment Agency Tulsa

Who we are?

Whizport has been in the software testing industry for many years as we’ve assisted market-leading companies in finding the best candidates. Being a leading employment agency in Chicago, we have found out that even the top companies struggle to find adequate resources within the required time, affecting their company’s revenue and finances. That’s where Whizport comes in – thanks to our connections with the IT industry along with intensive industry knowledge, we can easily connect potential resources with the leading companies so our clients can hire the best people – enabling them to scale their company exponentially.

Our process

Identifying the problem

We first identify the problem and provide a temporary solution; meanwhile, we start our search for the best candidate that fits your description.

Understanding your requirements

We make sure only to connect you with the candidates that fit your description. This means that first, we have to understand your company’s culture and your requirements.

Connecting you with potential candidates

We then shortlist candidates according to your description and only connect you with candidates who are vetted software testers with cutting-edge skills.

We are the best Employment agency in Tulsa

Every company has different needs – some need employees who can work in flexible and rotational shifts while other companies follow a strict 9-5 routine. Whizport has the best-automated system to search for the best possible candidates for your firm that will fit your company’s requirements.

Why do you need an employment agency in Tulsa?

Business owners know the significance of efficient and streamlined processes. Therefore, we apply only the best methodical approaches coupled with transparent and data-driven processes so we can connect you with the same mentality which you’re looking for.

What makes us special?

Our dedicated IT Technology recruiters are professionals in the Information Technology industry and will only offer the top service to fulfill our client’s unique needs. We will first understand the position along with the culture of your company, and then our IT recruiters and first-line executives will find the right candidate who fits the bill.

If you’re in need of an employment agency in Tulsa, then you’ve come to the right place. We have the resources to connect you with the right people so you can take your company to the next level.