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Working with Whizport

My company hasn’t worked with a staffing agency before. How does it work?

When you partner with Whizport, our first step is to get to know your company. Our goal is to understand your precise hiring needs, including the number of open positions, target skill sets, culture fit, and whether the role is on-site or remote. Then, we can match you with exceptional right-fit candidates, each with cutting-edge skills.
If you would like to start the process, you can browse our available candidates to learn more about our available talent. You can also complete a hiring request form to let us know about your needs, or contact our recruitment team at 1.844.944.9767 to start the process.

As an client company, do I have to pay for Whizport’s services?

Yes, client companies do pay fees when they work with Whizport. However, this recruitment approach is highly cost-effective, and often costs less than handling recruitment in-house. By working with a specialized staffing firm, you can also save time, reduce time-to-hire, and achieve a solid ROI.

What benefits do I get from working with Whizport?

As a Whizport client, you can experience many benefits. Along with access to an exclusive IT professionals pool, you can also reduce your time-to-hire, cost-to-hire, and increase the quality of your matches. Our comprehensive and rapid approach is designed to remain efficient and cost-effective while achieving high-quality outcomes. Our recruitment team has experience in the IT industry, allowing them to achieve great ROI than you can find elsewhere.

Finding Talent

Does Whizport specialize in any industries?

Yes, Whizport specializes in IT staffing focused on Software Development, Quality Assurance, and Automation.

How fast can Whizport fill an open position?

At Whizport, our goal is to fill a vacant position as quickly as possible. Thanks to our strong talent pool, which is brimming with candidates who are able to start right away, many jobs can be filled immediately with an experienced professional.

My company has multiple openings. Can Whizport help?

Yes, Whizport can help. Our services are scaleable, allowing us to fill a single position, provide a whole team, staff an entire department, and beyond. Whether you need to augment your workforce for a project duration or permanently, our recruiters can streamline and accelerate your hiring process.

What happens if I am not completely satisfied with a candidate?

At Whizport, we offer clients several guarantees, providing them with peace of mind regarding their workforce investment. If a candidate does not work out within the guarantee period, our specialized IT recruiters will work to refill the position within a reasonable time frame.

Time-sheets and Payroll

I haven’t received login credentials to approach employee timesheets. Who can I contact?

Your credentials should have been delivered through an auto-generated email from Please check your email (including your spam folder) to make sure the email wasn’t overlooked.

If you can’t find your login details, contact customer service for assistance at: or 1.844.944.9767

I need to approve an online time-sheet. What do I do?

To approve an online time-sheet, log in and click on Awaiting Approval. If you have multiple employee time-sheets that need to be approved, you will see a list containing each one. To open the time-sheet, click on Workweek End Date. Review the information in the time-sheet. If you agree with what’s listed, click on Approve as Submitted.

I need to view past time-sheets. What do I do?

You can view time-sheets from the previous 12 months through the online portal. After logging in, click on My Dashboard. Next, Click on Time-sheet History. Then, you can review the time-sheets that are available and access individual time-sheets as needed.

I have a payroll question. How do I contact?

If you have questions regarding payroll processes, time reporting, or any related topic, contact customer service at: or 1.844.944.9767

Have Another Question?

If you have any other questions, please let us know. At Whizport, providing exceptional customer service is a top priority. You can submit feedback, request assistance, or ask questions by contacting our Support Team.

General Questions

I’ve never used a staffing agency. How does it work?

At Whizport, we work with IT professionals to help them find job opportunities that meet their needs and help them elevate their careers. When you connect with our recruiters, we work to understand your unique capabilities, as well as what you hope to find in a position.

After getting to know you, our goal is to find you a right-fit job, whether it’s a remote or on-site opportunity. We work with leading companies across the country, many of whom are actively and continuously looking for candidates with in-demand skills. Along with exploring our current openings, we may actively market your resume to top companies.

Once we find a match, we’ll contact you regarding the opportunity to discuss the details. If you agree that it’s a good fit, we will move forward with any additional screening processes.

As a job seeker, do I have to pay for Whizport’s service?

No, job seekers never have to pay for any of Whizport’s services.

I’m looking for a remote job. Can you help?

Yes, we can help you find remote opportunities. Many of our clients are looking for skilled candidates for remote roles, specifically. We can also offer assistance to help you work securely from home.

I want help finding a job? How do candidate’s sign up with Whizport?

The fastest way to get started is to upload your resume. Once we receive it, one of our recruiters will reach out to begin the process. Upload your resume.

Why should I work with Whizport?

Every IT professional that works with us receives a range of benefits. Along with joining an IT specialized staffing firm, you gain access to top-notch jobs, competitive pay rates, and robust benefits packages.

Finding a Job

I want to find a new job. Can Whizport help?

Yes, Whizport can help with your job search. We work with leading companies who are actively seeking out talented candidates. Plus, we hire for both remote and on-site opportunities, allowing us to assist IT professionals from all around the country.

Do you hire candidates for remote jobs?

Yes, many of our clients are filling remote positions through both our direct hire and contract-to-hire programs.

Can I search your open jobs to find remote roles?

Yes, you can search through our current openings to find remote opportunities. Start your remote job search here.  start your search for remote jobs here

I want to submit a resume. How do I do that?

To submit a resume, head to our resume uploading page. Next, choose your field of interest. Then, complete all of the required fields. After that, you can upload your resume.

I’ve went online and submitted my resume to Whizport. What happens now?

Once your resume is submitted, the information will be reviewed to determine if your skills and experience match the job or what our clients typically want to find. If so, one of our recruiters will contact you to move forward with the process.

Work Eligibility and Sponsorship

I am going to relocate to a new area to find work. Can Whizport help?

Whizport does not typically provide relocation services, where you will be moving, and if you find a great opportunity, contact our office and speak to a recruiter to learn more about the position.

Does Whizport sponsor H-1B visas?

No, Whizport does not sponsor H-1B visas. If H-1B sponsorship is something you need, let your recruiter know immediately. They can examine any available options, so there be any.

Time-sheets and Payroll

What is the payroll process?

Work hours should be submitted every Friday for approval. Time-sheets are processed on the day they are received, Monday through Friday. With direct deposit, funds are typically available within 24 to 48 hours of payroll being issued. Without direct deposit, a check will be printed and mailed on the day payroll processes. Please note it can take up to five business days for mailed checks to arrive.

If I have payroll questions, who do I contact?

If you require payroll and time reporting assistance, or have general questions about the process, you can contact customer service at: or 1.844.944.9767

When will my W-2 be available?

W-2 forms are available on the time-sheets page.

How do I update my W-4?

To update your W-4, you will need to submit a new form. You can start the process by contacting customer service at: or 1.844.944.9767

What do I need to do to submit my I-9 documents? Can I do it online?

The Whizport on-boarding portal email contains a link that allows you to complete the process electronically. Upload your supporting documents through the portal as directed. If you have any difficulties or questions, contact customer service at: or 1.844.944.9767

Have Another Question?

If you have any other questions, please let us know. At Whizport, providing exceptional customer service is a top priority. You can submit feedback, request assistance, or ask questions by contacting customer service at or 1.844.944.9767