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Hiring IT professionals require a specialized IT recruiter who could fill in the shoes of the hiring manager and candidate at the same time. By streamlining this process, it ensures an understanding of the requirements needed by the hiring manager from a technical perspective and the expectations required of a potential candidate who, in return, will be more passionate, motivated, qualified, and energetic to get started.

When it comes to hiring IT professionals, many companies will look towards their internal resources, MSP partnerships, social media, and referrals as methods for finding the best talent to add to their team. Although these solutions can be effective, they are often more costly, take a longer time to see a return, or produce lower-quality candidates who don’t have the experience in your business domain.

How can you recruit the best talent?

That’s where Whizport comes in. A full life-cycle staff augmentation agency, Whizport uses a rapid-fire approach that meets our clients’ immediate needs to ensure they hire the right talent, save time and money.

Why choose to work with a specialized IT Recruiter?

Whizport was established by IT practitioners who have been at the forefront of the industry for over a decade. Our founders personally faced the market barriers and bottlenecks that many of our clients deal with them daily, allowing us to develop our niche skillsets and concentrate our services on private and government agencies across industries.

To ensure the quality of your company’s IT assets, meet your stakeholder’s requirements and assure your team’s productivity, quality, and reputation, you need to hire the right people for your industry.  And when it comes to a specific industry, the IT professionals you recruit to your team will play a big role in keeping your company up to speed on the latest tech quality rules and regulations.

By partnering with Whizport, you can feel at ease knowing that your potential prospects will be qualified to help solve some of the biggest pain points in your workplace, such as worrying about the quality of your IT products, new technology implementation, being over budget, failure to embrace virtualization and cloud computing, software risks, employee turnover rate, team members lacking knowledge, missing deadlines and more.

In addition to our niche focus and skillset, other benefits for partnering with Whizport include:

  • The ability to try our service before you buy.
  • Access to active and passive experienced candidates.
  • Reduced costs and exceptional ROI.
  • Ongoing relationship to ensure success after placement.
  • Increased revenue.

How does it work?

When you partner with Whizport, our first step is to get to know your company. We take the time to understand your precise hiring needs, including:

  • How many job positions are you hiring for?
  • Your target skill sets.
  • Work culture fit.
  • And role qualifications (on-site or remote).

Then, our specialized IT recruiters use our extensive talent network to match you with experts that are the right fit for your company with our 3 different hiring models:

  • Contract: Adjust your workforce to evolving demands in less time with better results and reduce hiring risks.
  • Contract to hire: Fill an immediate need or capacity gap with the right candidate at the right time and avoid lengthy hiring processes.
  • Direct hire: Bring high-quality talent directly onto your payroll from day one and save time and energy through traditional recruitment methods.

Ready to get started?

To start the process today, you can complete a hiring request form to let us know about your needs or contact our recruitment team for more information.